French Properties, LLC.
Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Serving Chapel Hill/Durham, Charlotte, Lake Norman, Research Triangle Park Areas
23 years experience in North Carolina Real Estate

Drew French (Owner/Manager/Broker-in-Charge)

Helping you navigate through the changing real estate climate. French Properties was founded with the mission statement of not being the largest company but simply being the best for your needs.

Andrew French has worked in Real Estate since 1990, after his graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989, he began his quest in helping people find their dream home. For over 23 years, Drew French has obtained valuable knowledge and skills from many companies, including Fonville Morisley Realtors in the Raleigh/Durham area where he started in New Home sales. During these early years, Drew worked with several home builders, such as Pulley and Adair in Chapel Hill and Richard Gaylord Homes and C. Richard Dobson, also in Chapel Hill and Raleigh. The high level of training from true professionals in this trade gave Drew the invaluable experience he needed to become a year in-year out multimillion dollar producer. Drew French has received several awards for his work, building his reputation as one of the best Brokers in the state.

Drew French obtained a General Contractors Building license in 1997, inspired by his relationship with outstanding home builders. He has mastered this area, and has since built dozens of homes in the Chapel Hill area.

In the mid 1990s, Drew French ventured into general brokerage as well. In 2000, he opened his own company, French Properties, LLC, in Chapel Hill. Drew expanded his business to Charlotte, North Carolina in July 2003, bringing his entrepreneurship and vast years of experience into this new market. Currently working in the Charlotte and Lake Norman area, Drew focuses on such neighborhoods as Myers Park, Dilworth, Birkdale Village, and luxury homes on Lake Norman's waterfront. He has recently enjoyed traveling to Florida and California and helping homebuyers transition from those states to North Carolina.

Real Estate in the year can be very challenging. Markets are changing daily, and the complexities require expert guidance. Let Drew's valuable years of experience and knowledge help you navigate the ever-changing Real Estate climate. From his first hand understanding of how a home is built, to his vast years in Brokerage, he is truly the man you need behind the wheel. Don't make the wrong choice, let Drew assist you in you next best investment. Drew has the skill, the character, and the knowledge to make your next house a place you will be proud to call home.

Before the big box stores there were fine craftsman shops. In that same spirit of fine craftsmanship, like the detail of the watch maker's shop or the wonderful custom tailor's shop. Drew will provide the finest quality expertise for his craft, combining the art of the deal, with the science of the deal...helping to make your next purchase or sell a great success. With his hard work ethic, quality education from UNC-Chapel Hill, and no games or gimmicks style, Drew simply applies many valuable years of experience and knowledge, put to work for you. He's a natural choice for your next transaction.

French Properties, LLC. Phone: 704.377.2401 or 919.942.1113


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Franklin Street, Chapel Hill NC: public domain photo
Raleigh Capitol building: By Jim Bowen from Fort Worth, US [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons